Ep. XIV – Fight Club [1999]

fight club tweaked

The first rule of Film Tweakers is: you link all your friends to Film Tweakers. Mixing Axe body spray and pop anarchism, David Fincher’s 1999 soft-core porno, FIGHT CLUB, causes a such a rift in Tweaker fandom as has been unseen since Top Gun. Topics include: Trek bikes, Jansport backpacks, Victorinox knives, levels of hair clipper quality, nutrition advice and judgment, and reasons normal people can never become musclebound. Fight Club was written by The Dust Brothers; it stars Jared Leto and Meat Loaf.

Recommended snack accompaniment: We advise against eating the clam chowder.

To ensure your film is synched with this Tweak, please do the following:

1. Load your media into the player and play the film until you see a blue logo for ‘Regency’.
2. Hit pause as the Regency logo begins to fade to black.
3. Start this Tweak and wait for us to say, ‘3..2..1..PLAY.’ When we say ‘play’, hit ‘play’ to continue the film; our movie and yours should be playing in synch.


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